Vision Board Ideas

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a board that contains pictures of your dreams. By focussing on an image, and visualising your dreams, they are embedded in your mind and are more likely to become a reality. Today I’m here to share some of the best vision board ideas.

You can make a vision board by using a large glass picture frame. You can also use poster paper or a pin board. Your vision board will need to contain images of the things that you want to own or achieve. What car will you be drivng? What holiday will you be going on? What house will you own?

Part of my vision for 2019 includes me visiting Vegas and taking my mom to the Anaheim Disneyland! I’m also planning to TRIPLE my blog earnings and upgrade my car.

Vision Board Essentials on Amazon

MCS 11×14 Inch Glass Clip Frame (55114)

My vision board was made by sticking pcitures as a collage and mounting in a large glass frame. Buy Now

Vision Boards on YouTube

Here I am on YouTube explaining my vision board for May 2014.The Board Dudes Black Framed Cork Board 35″ X 22″

A pin board makes a great vision board. You can keep addding to it as you get more ideas. You could also split it into sections of dreams achieved and dreams going to be achieved. Buy NowMalden 4×6 9-Opening Collage Picture Frame – Displays Nine 4×6 Pictures – Black

This collage picture frame would be a great vision board. A different section for your car, holiday, house, family activities….. Buy Now

Vision Board Ideas

Get creative with your vision board – you can make it as large and exciting as you wish! Start with a load of magazines. Maybe holiday brochures, estate agent advertisements and car magazines would be a good start. Cut out and collage. You can also choose some of the multi-picture frames on amazon as recommended if you don’t eant to do cutting and sticking!

Think about things in detail for your vision board. For example, not just the holiday that you want to go on, but when you will go and which hotel you will be staying in. A date is vital for a vision board, because you keep reminding yourself that it will happen and you will know when!

Also, don’t forget to add personal goals. If you want more time with your husband, wife or kids, for example, add a picture of them to your board. If you would like to be fitter and healthier or lose weight, add the specifics of this to your board too.

Follow up your vision board with affirmations and mini goals. You can record your personal affirmations as a podcast. For example, mine is ‘It is May, 2014 and I am in qualification for regional vice president with Arbonne international’. Notice how the sentence read I am, not I will be. This adds to visualising the dream.

Then you can do mini-goal setting. For example, gaining a promotion sounds like a big step. But if that was broken down to speaking to two people about your product or business every day, the promotion now seems much more achievable! It is these small actions every day that will compound into the big successes. This is the Slight Edge – a book that you must read!

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

The four hour work week is the best book that I have read on productivity and business. These time saving strategies will free you up to help you to focus your time on what is profitable. his will lead you to success and allow your vision to become a reality. Buy Now

Vision Board – Apps for iPhone

If you are addicted to your iPhone or Android, there are several fantastic vision board apps that you can download, which allows you to take photos of your goals and things that inspire you. Here are 5 of my favourites…

  1. Photo Tangler Collage Maker (FREE).
  2. VisionBox – Law of Attraction Lock Screen (FREE).
  3. Vision Board (0.69).
  4. Vision Board Pro (1.49) – Has categories for vision including health, career and family.
  5. Law of Attraction Meditations (FREE, but you pay for more meditations as extra dd-ons) – This contains free meditations on health, gratitude, vision board and extra meditations on wealth, love and happiness for a small price.

If you have any vision board ideas to share, please comment on this blog!

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