Freelance writing

Freelance Writing Websites

Being a freelance writer myself, I know how difficult it can get to find those freelance writing  gigs. I remember a time when I was going around asking my friends if they knew of any freelance writing websites. Fortunately, some very smart people dared to imagine a world where all freelancers (including freelance writers) could […]


Can you make Money on Infobarrel?

What is Infobarrel? Infobarrel is an online publishing site that allows writers to publish their work and get paid at the same time. Much like Squidoo, people write on various niche topics, such as pets, movies or parenting advice. When you write on something that you are passionate about, it really comes across in your […]


Top Paying Affiliate Programmes

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is marketing a product for a company or business other than your own, and then taking a small commission when a customer clicks or makes a purchase. For example, say that I was writing a review of a new laptop, and that laptop was available on Amazon, I might […]

Best Matched Betting Websites

Best Matched Betting Sites

No Risk Matched Betting, or Bonus Blagging as it’s sometimes called, is a great way to make a bit of extra money, whether you are a student, paying off debts or even looking to make a bit of extra cash to travel. It involves cashing in on the free bets from the bookies by betting them […]