Top Paying Affiliate Programmes

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is marketing a product for a company or business other than your own, and then taking a small commission when a customer clicks or makes a purchase. For example, say that I was writing a review of a new laptop, and that laptop was available on Amazon, I might link to it on that website. If I am registered as an affiliate, I can earn between 1-5% commission on a sale. That means that if a sale comes through my website for £1000, for a MacBook, for example, I could earn between £10-50 for this sale in commission. Today I’m going to share my top paying affiliate programs.

I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for over 10 years, and I can tell you that it’s the best feeling when you literally wake up richer! That’s because if you set up a website to market someone else products, this is automatic once a sale is made, so you can earn while you sleep!

Before you can engage in affiliate marketing, you will need to set up your blog and decide upon your niche, so that you have a topic in mind and somewhere to start marketing. From I have learned that using Tramadol with drugs that affect serotonin in the brain can increase the risk of developing serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal. Symptoms may include agitation, sweating, muscle cramps, and confusion. It is probably also a good idea to get set up on the main social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Developing your Blogging Niche

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to earn money, and you can earn in pretty much any area of goods or services. For example, you could earn an affiliate income by blogging about travel, technology or fashion, to name a few popular areas.

It’s always a great idea to have a particular niche. For example, if you are a fashion and beauty blogger, what is your particular style or taste? If you are a travel blogger, so many topics such as backpacking, solo female travel and luxury travel have been done before. Get a really specific travel niche (some good examples are my Game of Thrones Blog and Temple Seeker). If you are a technology blogger, do you focus on games consoles? Or a specific brand such as Apple?

Your niche must be a passion of yours, something that you love to write about. Your dedicated audience will then follow. Once your niche is decided and your blog is set up, you will need to register with some of the top paying affiliate programs. Here are my top 5:

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Amazon Associates

The great thing about Amazon is that as far as products go, they sell pretty much everything! So whatever your retail industry, it is a good idea to be registered with Amazon.

Register with Amazon Associates here.


AWIN is one of the most widely used affiliate platforms in the UK. I have used it extensively with travel sites as a partner with and Expedia. It’s also excellent for financial products and retail.

Register with AWIN here.

3. People Per Hour

If you work in an industry promoting freelancing, becoming a digital nomad or earning online, I defintely recommend that you sign up to the People Per Hour Referral programme. PPH is a platform that hooks up freelancers with remote jobs, and the payout is £30 per active referral. You can use this credit to hire freelancers to help to grow your own business if you wish! It’s one of my biggest earners.

Register for PPH here

4. CJ – Formerly Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an excellent generic platform. One of my popular affiliates through CJ in the past has been Hertz car rental. You can also affiliate with domain and hosting providers through CJ such as BlueHost and GoDaddy.

5. Profit Accumulator

If Matched Betting is your thing, register as an affiliate as their pay out is quite high. If you share your earnings on your blog, it is highly likely that people will subscribe. This has been one of my bigger earners in 2017.

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