Top Places to visit in South England

Some of the popular scenic destinations are the Devonshire countryside and the Cotswolds. The South is home to some of the most beautiful historic cities and Cathedrals. Here are some of the best places to visit in South England.

White Cliffs of Dover

The landscapes of Southern England are sure to have your heart-melting, one of such is the White Cliffs of Dover. The top-rated England beaches such as Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters and Steve’s beach is found near here.


Historical sites and heritage are what defines England’s Cathedral city of Canterbury. Famous structures include the Roman city walls and the Norman castle. The city digs deep in history, having served as Celtic Cantiaci and Jute Kingdom of Kent’s capital.


Commonly referred to as the University city, Oxford is the home of one of the most prestigious and old Old Universities – The University of Oxford. Within Oxford University lies the world-famous library, the Bodleian. Oxford is also home to some of the world’s most historical museums, dating back to the 13th century.

If Harry Potter is your thing, then you probably know of the Christ Church buildings from the films! You can also take a Harry Potter tour! This can be done as a day tour from London.


Cambridge a city in Cambridgeshire, England is the home of beautiful canals, famously called, ‘Backs’ because of the beautiful flowers, the crocuses, and daffodils that grow on the Backs. These beauties, plus the beautiful green scenery, is worth seeing.

Within the city also lies Cambridge University, another one of the world’s most prestigious Universities which dates back to the 13th Century. The rich heritage, amazing museums and the historical sites mean that Cambridge is sure to please.


100 Miles West of London and 15 Miles on the South Eastern side of Bristol is the city of Bath – another rich heritage site. The Roman Baths are what makes the city especially exceptional. Since the construction of Roman Baths and the settlement Aquae Sulis, the city is regarded as the Sacred spa. All these beautiful sceneries, rich heritage, and deep-rooted history make it not worth missing on your UK tour.


History defines Exeter as the capital of Southern- West Peninsula. It dates way back to AD 50. When the Roman Military attacked Britain in AD 50. The Roman Military secured safe passage points to the River Eve by secure underground routes.

Exeter is also a commercial center with magnificent roman structures and other tourists attraction points including architectural buildings, nature and parks.


Brighton is a famous seaside resort known for its beautiful beaches and eco-friendly approach. Are you shopaholic? Brighton has got you covered! Colorful boutiques with magnificent jewelry and clothing are what defines the streets here.

Come and sail into the sunset while enjoying the amazingly good food culture such as chips and fish which are the most common foods. Vegetarians are not left out too, Brighton is the home of the magnificent Terre a’ Terre, recognized worldwide as a mouthwatering dish.


Winchester is yet another beautiful cathedral city in South England. Its Medieval cathedral boasts a fantastic history and fabulous architecture. The Winchester Bible – the surviving English Bible of the 12th Century – is another magnificent treasure of the city.

The Morley Library, which dates back to the 17th Century, is yet another famous place in Winchester. Morley Library is the home of a collection of rare books, stacked by Bishop Morley; in the epic curved shelves.

Another treasure you can’t miss out is the Norman stone crypt which is the sculpture of a solitary man on his knees in water which dates back to 11th Century.


The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful parts of England. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and magnificent cottages, the Cotswolds boast a unique charm. Chocolate box cottages with beautiful gardens line the streets in many of the picturesque Cotswolds villages.


Sitting at the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall, Newquay is a superb destination in your travel list.  If you are a surf lover, then Newquay is definitely the town for you. Known for its beautiful Atlantic waters, Newquay has gorgeous scenery. Newquay is also the home of one of the most famous UK beaches. 

And did I mention cream tea? Newquay stands to be the home of best tasty afternoon teas with a series of cafes offering the best cream tea!


Bristol is yet another Town of beauty in South England. It comes with quite a wide range of luxurious hotels and bars, and of course the fun summer festivals. The live music in the Pubs could be just that remedy you need after a long day. Bristol is also best known for shopping, owing to its wide range of shops.

Great visual arts makes Bristol stand out – Bristol is the home of Banksy, one of the most prominent artists in Bristol and one of the best known street artists in the world.

South England stands out to be one of the most prominent tourist destinations in England. With its rich history, delicious food, epic culture, and places, South England is certainly a place you should visit.

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