Hi, I’m Allan Vera!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog.

My name’s Allan Vera and I’m an American born businessman now living in the UK. I love documenting my travels which are mainly around Europe.

I also enjoy sharing professional development and business advice. During my marketing career, I mentored several young people at the start of their career. I’ve been self sufficient for over 5 years now, earning money from my properties, websites and various business.

I have a personal hobby of buying the latest tech and so you can also read a few of my tech blogs which often involves tech reviews.

Keep in touch!


I write about…

  • Tech – new technology and product reviews
  • Travel – Europe and USA, sometimes Asia!
  • Business – Property, Networking marketing, affiliate opportunities and general business advice.
  • Money – saving money and making money online.
  • Personal Development – Reading, Podcasts and conferences to better yourself.

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