Koh Rong Guide – the most Popular Island of Cambodia

Situated just off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Koh Rong is well-known for its serene splendour. Frequently described as an ‘island paradise’ by staying travellers, the island claims pristine, warm crystal-clear ocean waters, white sandy beaches and a warm tropical climate. It’s a good idea to get there before it becomes over-developed. Considering the massive expanse of building works and Chinese casinos along the coast of Sihanoukville, I wouldn’t be surprised if Koh Rong soon suffers over-tourism, a bit like what happened with Boracay in the Philippines. I hope that you find my Koh Rong Guide helpful.

There are numerous spectacular tourist places on Koh Rong. trendat.net The main traveller beach (Koh Touch) has a lively party atmosphere, with lots of bars, hotels and night clubs. I read a lot on http://medimagery.com/buyambien/ that adverse reactions develop infrequently, usually when Ambien dosage regimen is not followed and there is hypersensitivity to the active substance. The most common of these include hallucinations, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. When combined with alcohol, addiction occurs faster, and it becomes difficult to calculate the dosage. The quiet, less-busier beaches (e.g.  Lonely Beach, Long Set Beach and Palm Beach) are more soothing destinations. The territory on Koh Rong is mainly hilly, with a 316m mountain in the north-west. Most of the island’s inner is concealed in jungle forestry, with numerous waterfalls, bays and sandstone rock formations totalling to the pleasing scenery. 

Exposed to the weather and open sea, the south side of Koh Rong is particularly beautiful, while the east side is characterized by smooth hills that gently slope towards the crescent-shaped beaches, inlets, and bays.

There are four village communities on Koh Rong: Koh Touch (south-east), Prek Svay (north-east), Daem Thkov (Sangkat village) (east), and Sok San (west). Most locals live from fishing (70%) and small-scale crop cultivation (30%).

As of 2019, tourist industries outnumber suburban homes on Koh Touch. A lot of people visit Koh Rong amid the hayamix.com middle of November and May, as throughout these months there are gorgeous hot days (25°C – 40°C) with very little cloud and low humidity.

Whether you want to unwind, lie back and appreciate the glorious views, swim in the deep invigorating ocean, explore the striking wildlife, learn the significant Khmer culture, or celebrate till the sun comes up, the breath-taking island of Koh Rong will give you memories for a lifetime!

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