Outsourcing Tips

Outsourcing can be an extremely effective way to increase your team and grow your business, without the stress and overheads of having employees. But outsourcing isn’t always as straightforward as you think it’s going to be. I hope that these outsourcing tips will help you to decide if outsourcing is right for you, and if so, to be more effective.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing for profit is making use of workers abroad in other countries where they are either more highly skilled or cheaper to hire. For example, a Search Engine Optimisation specialist could cost $50.00 per hour in the US, but only $5 an hour in India.

Building a business in a recession can be a challenge. However, it can also be a great time to build a business. Outsourcing for profit means that you can ask a freelancer in another country to do a job better and cheaper, maximising your own earning potential.

If you are considering outsourcing, there are several things that you will want to consider before you start. Which country should you outsource to? Who should you choose? Should you outsource on a fixed rate contract or an hourly contract? This site explains how to start outsourcing and how to get things right, so that you can outsource for profit.

Things to Consider when Outsourcing for Profit

Firstly, you need to decide where to outsource to. This will depend a lot on your budget and the task in hand. It is sometimes good to utilise specific skills of specific countries. For example, if you are looking for an SEO specialist, Bangalore has some of the best in the world, so you may want to outsource to India. If you are looking for someone as a Virtual Assistant or would like to use a call centre, you may consider the Phillipines.

Outsourcing Tips - Call Centre
In Touch Solutions Ltd is a call centre in New Delhi, and runs customer care services for many companies. It employs a lot of young people.

Make sure that you interview your freelancer via skype and set out a clear contract by email that has been signed by both parties. Think about every aspect of the tasks that you want completed. Do you need to speak to your freelancer daily? Do they need to report back three hours into every task? Will they get paid by the hour, or per job? If it is per job, what are the desired results?

Communication is key, and you can’t blame a freelancer for time wasting or innaccurate results when you have not been direct enough in the brief. A good idea is to do a trial period of say 2 weeks or 1 month, to see how you work together.

Also, consider every eventuality. What if your freelancer is off sick in the middle of a crucial project? In this case, you would be better to have a contract with a team of freelancers in a company.

web, designer, website, layout,

Outsourcing Tips

  • Trial a few different people for the same work until you find the best and most reliable. It doesn’t hurt to have two people for the same job temporarily.
  • You can outsource things like web development and technical stuff to people in developing countries where the wage is cheaper. However, if you are looking for marketing content writing or social media management, that is best done by a native speaker and is something that I would recommend paying more money for.
  • Pre-plan the jobs that need doing in advance on a spreadsheet and check in frequently that you know where your freelancers are up to and if they need any help.
  • You can consider using digital tools such as Asana, and Teamwork to manage your international team and see where people are up to with their tasks.
  • Use conference calls at least once a week. Zoom and Skype are great.

I hope that you enjoyed my top outsourcing tips. If you are looking to make extra income, why not consider using some of the best matched betting sites to earn from risk free matched betting.

Slight Edge Philosophy

The Slight Edge and how it Changed my Life

Since starting my new business in last May, personal development has been a big part of my journey. In the beginning I thought to myself ‘personal development – what do I need to develop?!’

But then I realised hat the more you learn about yourself, the more you can grow your business. My team always recommend great reading to each other. It is one of my daily goals to read 10 pages of a good self improvement book every day to expand knowledge and skills as a leader and entrepreneur.

Slight Edge Philosophy

So when I was asked for ‘a book that changed my life’, a lot of personal development books came to mind. But one really stood out – the Slight Edge. The slight edge is going that little bit further than everyone else – pushing yourself to do smalll things every day, that when compounded, make a massive difference.

The slight edge is having that one extra bit of enthusiasm or dedication that makes you stand out above the rest. The slight edge makes sense to me in business and in life. Understanding the slight edge can help you to take your business to the top. It can also make a difference to your health, family life and relationships. Read on to find out how he slight edge changed my life, and how it can change yours!

Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge

The sight edge can also work for children and teenagers. Children and teens who understand the sight edge from a younger age can perform better in heir studies, sports and hobbies. Buy Now

The Slight Edge Philosophy on YouTube

What is the Slight Edge?

The ‘slight edge’ is a business concept developed by Jeff Olson. The theory is that all the small things you do on a daily basis add up to big successes. These small things could include simply making a business phone call, reading 10 pages of a book or visualisation. It is always easier not to do them, but when you do them consistently, they all add up with amazing results. Will one business phone call have a massive impact on our businesses? Probably not. Will a phone call every day for a year make a massive impact on our business? Absolutely!

In fact, every small action that we do in life either puts us on the success curve, or the failure curve, and I know which one I want to be on…

The great thing about the slight edge is that it can be applied to any aspects of life. Take sports, for example. The difference between winning a gold medal in the Olympics or not is often a 10th of a second. In 2004 men’s 800m, the victory was by 0.71 seconds. The Slight Edge Combo Pack

If you are dedicated to learning the slight edge – go for the combo pack with book and audio. It is a great book to share o help others. Buy Now

212 Degrees

Another way to describe the slight edge philosophy is like this…

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At 211 degrees, the water is not boiling, but at 212 degrees it is. The difference in heat is so slight, but the difference in the result is massive. Go ahead – turn up the heat in your business ad your life and see the results for yourself.

How the Slight Edge changed my Life!

When I started my business, my goal was to get to £500 passive income every month, yet the goal seemed difficult and far away.

The slight edge philosophy taught me to break it down into little, achievable things to do each day. If I write one blog every single day, these small actions will have a compound effect and my passive income will be here before you know it!

And guess what – the slight edge is working for me – I now have a thriving blog and a motivated team. The compound effect stated to kick in and the desired results started to happen automatically.

Now I am starting to apply the slight edge in my health and personal life too. I put weight on in the last three years and went up from a 34 waist to a 40 waist. I know that for me to say I want to be a 34 waist again will sound almost unachievable. But by saying I will cut out one chocolate bar a day and go to the gym at least three times a week, these little things will all add up.

Now I know that the little things all add up, the slight edge is the book has changed my life. I know that by applying the slight edge philosophy, I am going to be fitter, happier, healthier an richer than ever before!

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Top Paying Affiliate Programmes

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is marketing a product for a company or business other than your own, and then taking a small commission when a customer clicks or makes a purchase. For example, say that I was writing a review of a new laptop, and that laptop was available on Amazon, I might link to it on that website. If I am registered as an affiliate, I can earn between 1-5% commission on a sale. That means that if a sale comes through my website for £1000, for a MacBook, for example, I could earn between £10-50 for this sale in commission. Today I’m going to share my top paying affiliate programs.

I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for over 10 years, and I can tell you that it’s the best feeling when you literally wake up richer! That’s because if you set up a website to market someone else products, this is automatic once a sale is made, so you can earn while you sleep!

Before you can engage in affiliate marketing, you will need to set up your blog and decide upon your niche, so that you have a topic in mind and somewhere to start marketing. It is probably also a good idea to get set up on the main social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Top Paying Affiliate Programmes

Developing your Blogging Niche

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to earn money, and you can earn in pretty much any area of goods or services. For example, you could earn an affiliate income by blogging about travel, technology or fashion, to name a few popular areas.

It’s always a great idea to have a particular niche. For example, if you are a fashion and beauty blogger, what is your particular style or taste? If you are a travel blogger, so many topics such as backpacking, solo female travel and luxury travel have been done before. Get a really specific travel niche (some good examples are my Game of Thrones Blog and Temple Seeker). If you are a technology blogger, do you focus on games consoles? Or a specific brand such as Apple?

Your niche must be a passion of yours, something that you love to write about. Your dedicated audience will then follow. Once your niche is decided and your blog is set up, you will need to register with some of the top paying affiliate programs. Here are my top 5:

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Amazon Associates

The great thing about Amazon is that as far as products go, they sell pretty much everything! So whatever your retail industry, it is a good idea to be registered with Amazon.

Register with Amazon Associates here.


AWIN is one of the most widely used affiliate platforms in the UK. I have used it extensively with travel sites as a partner with and Expedia. It’s also excellent for financial products and retail.

Register with AWIN here.

3. People Per Hour

If you work in an industry promoting freelancing, becoming a digital nomad or earning online, I defintely recommend that you sign up to the People Per Hour Referral programme. PPH is a platform that hooks up freelancers with remote jobs, and the payout is £30 per active referral. You can use this credit to hire freelancers to help to grow your own business if you wish! It’s one of my biggest earners.

Register for PPH here

4. CJ – Formerly Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an excellent generic platform. One of my popular affiliates through CJ in the past has been Hertz car rental. You can also affiliate with domain and hosting providers through CJ such as BlueHost and GoDaddy.

5. Profit Accumulator

If Matched Betting is your thing, register as an affiliate as their pay out is quite high. If you share your earnings on your blog, it is highly likely that people will subscribe. This has been one of my bigger earners in 2017.

If you enjoyed this blog about top paying affiliate programs, you might also be interested in the best matched betting sites.

Best Matched Betting Sites

No Risk Matched Betting, or Bonus Blagging as it’s sometimes called, is a great way to make a bit of extra money, whether you are a student, paying off debts or even looking to make a bit of extra cash to travel. It involves cashing in on the free bets from the bookies by betting them and then matching them on the exchange, so you are up regardless of outcome. Matched Betting is much easier to do if you use one of the best matched betting sites baround to help you to find the offers and calculate the maths for you. The best matched betting sites I have found are Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey. I’m going to outline matched betting for you and then compare the best matched betting sites so that you can decide which is for you.

best matched betting sites

How much can you earn from Matched Betting?

In my first month, I was £1278 up from cashing in on all of the sign up offers available with the bookies. In my second month, I made £923 and in my third I made £727. Remember, this is tax free, because you won it on the horses! I did this whilst also holding down a full time job, by the way, but I was matched betting for roughly an hour each evening and a little more on weekends.

As time goes on, it gets harder to make big money as quickly as in your first few months, because the most profitable offers are the sing ups. For example, join Bet Bright as a new customer and bet £10 get £30 of free bets — these kind of offers can only be done once. After the sign up offers have all been completed, however, there are reload offers such as £10 risk free with Ladbrokes for certain football matches, and bet £10 get £10 on bookies such as William Hill. These offers that come up once you have already signed up as a customer are known as ‘reload offers’. Because of these, matched betting has long term potential. I’m still making £200-£300 a month alongside my full time job, and that’s not even betting every day. This year, my matched betting funded 30 days in Thailand seeing the most amazing sites and travelling in style.

What is Matched Betting and How does it Work?

If you are looking for credibility of matched betting as an online income, turn to The Guardian and Save the Student — two credible sources showing the potential of matched betting. The best exchange to use is Betfair (sign up with code NT6KNWKQK) — it’s the easiest to use and there is a lot of cash in the markets.

There are two stages of matched betting generally speaking:

  1. Place and lay your ‘Qualifying Bet’ e.g. Bet £10 on William Hill and then match it on the exchange (using a matched betting calculator).
  2. Place and lay your ‘FREE Bets’ Your free bets will be released, so then you need to bet those and match them on the exchange.

Best Matched Betting Sites — Why do I need an Online Matched Betting Tool?

Remember, each bet you place has to be matched on the exchange and this must be carefully calculated. Miscalculate, or fail to lay your bet before the odds change, and you could risk losing money, this is why you need to use one of the best matched betting sites as an online tool to help you. There are two main benefits to using matched betting sites to help you. The first is that they research all the best offers so that you don’t have to, saving time. Secondly, they provide you with a matched betting calculator or range of calculators to help you to calculate the profit, earning you cash.

Best Matched Betting Sites — My Top 5

The best matched betting sites, in my opinion, are Profit Accumulator and Odds Monkey. There are others, but these two fluctuate between the top spot. The competition between the two platforms keeps them on their toes, constantly forcing them to improve and keep down their prices.

1. Profit Accumulator

Profit accumulator is my top choice for matched betting. It keeps me up to date with all of the best offers by email, as well as a clearly labelled ‘offers’ sections that are easy to use. You work through the sign up offers first, and then move onto the reloads once you have done those.

Each offer comes with clear instructions and sometimes a video and odds displayed. It’s very easy to use. If you would like to test the platform out, the first two offers are free and will make you around £30-£40. You can sign up here. Here’s an example of what an offer looks like on Profit Accumulator:

Profit Accumulator has several matched betting calculators, with the most basic again very easy to use, and it tells you how much you need to lay on the exchange according to your odds…

Profit Accumulator used to be the most expensive monthly subscription out of the best matched betting sites at £22.99, but it has recently brought it’s price down to £17.99 to be inline with Odds Monkey.

2. Odds Monkey

Odds Monkey is the oldest Matched betting site and one of the most popular. It was the first arb finder on the market and therefore pre-dates Profit Accumulator, which may be an indicator as to why it is so popular. This comes out top on many reviews, I think for me, it’s just a personal preference for Profit Accumulator, because I am used to this platform, but all all honesty, there’s not much between the two. One of the best things about Odds Monkey is that they have a research team working 24/7 to find the best matched bets, and their calendar is updated on a daily basis. I also found it excellent for Dutching and Extra Places on the horses.

Odds Monkey is £17.99 a year or £150 for an annual subscription. Both Odds Monkey and Profit accumulator have a profit tracker which helps you to keep up to date with your online earnings.

3. Matched Bets

Matched Bets are certainly the cheapest of the best matched betting sites at just £14 per month. It is also the only one with a live chat. The forums are excellent on both Profit Accumulator and Odds Monkey, but live chat is excellent for newbies. You can try Matched Bets for 14 days for just £1.

4. Profit Squad

The newest of the best matched betting sites is Profit Squad, which was launched in 2015. The Cost of Profit Squad is £15 per month or £99 for the annual subscription. They have all the regular offers, but their forum excels in support for more advanced techniques such as each way dutching on the horses. Like Matched Bets, Profit Squad also have a £1 trial for 14 days if you want to dip your toe in.

5. Free Bets

If you are looking for something free of charge, you can get by with Free Bets. No subscription, yet it still offers the basics — odds matcher, offers and free bet calculator. This is the matched betting site of choice if you don’t want to pay out on a monthly basis.

Overall, any of the best matched betting sites will show you the best offers and help you to profit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the above. Personally, if you can afford the slightly higher subscription, I would go with Profit Accumulator or Odds Monkey if possible. Profit Accumulator is also one of my top earning affiliates, and you can join as an affiliate too, making money from recommending a product that will be sure to help your friends.

Traveling to Thailand What do I Need?

Many people say to me I’m traveling to Thailand what do I need?And the short and simple answer is that if you are traveling to Thailand, you will need a lot less than you think! Pack light so that it is easy when you are travelling around Thailand. Clothes dry extremely quickly in the heat, and so you don’t really need more than three or four changes of clothes. Thailand is an extremely cheap place to shop, and so I recommend getting a lot of things when you get there. Here’s a quick lost to answer what you need for Thailand if you want a decent packing list/guide:

Money and Passport

  • Don’t forget your Passport (and visa if you need one)
  • Thai Baht (local currency)

I’m Traveling to Thailand what do I need?


  1. Walking boots — pretty essential as you are likely to do trekking, but even a short Thailand itinerary will have you walking a lot! And good walking socks too!
  2. One pair of jeans — not more than one!
  3. Shorts and T-shirts so that you are comfy for travel.
  4. Scarf — for ladies to cover their shoulders in the temples.
  5. Long walking trousers — for men visiting temples.
  6. Sun hat — the heat can get intense, particularly in April.
  7. Dress — for ladies who want to go out on the evening.
  8. Sandals or flip-flops to easily remove for when entering temples.
traveling to Thailand what do I need

Above: Blue Temple Chiang Rai


Medication is readily available in most of Thailand, and medical care is particularly good in Bangkok. You can usually find a chemist where you can buy cheap drugs on the road. However, if you want a general first aid kit, I recommend…

  • Ibuprofen/Paracetomol
  • Rennie (to settle the stomach)
  • Dioralyte sachets (for dehydration)
  • Ice pack (incase of falls or sprains)
  • Regular medication e.g. inhalers
  • Antihisthamines (for allergies or bites)
  • Savlon or anti-septic cream

Other Useful items that I need for Thailand

Other items that come in useful when I’m traveling in Thailand…

  • Torch for power cuts or camping.
  • Selfie stick (not just for selfies, but also to ward off monkeys at the Lopburi Monkey temple!)
  • Gadgets and chargers — mobile phone, laptop, tablet, camera.
  • International plug converter and four way.
  • Diary/notebook and pen.
  • Travel towel.
  • Plastic document wallet — for train and plane tickets.

If there is anything else you think that I should include in my list, please comment below.

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traveling to Thailand what do I need

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